People in Lackawanna County demand a lot from their vehicles, especially when considering work vehicles. That's why we see so many pickups in the area. Pickups are the quintessential utility or work vehicle, and when we call it a day, we can also count on them being great for personal and family needs as well. Sedans and SUVs aren't always up to the task, and we know just how invaluable a pickup can be for pretty much any lifestyle. There are a lot of choices for truck drivers, as pretty much every manufacturer offers their own unique take on the pickup.

This can make choosing the best pickup quite the challenge for Wilkes Barre drivers. Of course, when you narrow it down to pure quality, power, and budget in a balance, you land on a small set of choices, such as the unbeatable GMC Canyon, and its closest matches, the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger. While we're going to go over them and show which one really is best, we're going to lead first with a spoiler - the GMC Canyon beats out the Tacoma and the Ranger in pretty much every category. We're also going to break the mold and look at the Tacoma and Ranger first!


The Toyota Tacoma is admittedly not a bad pickup, not at all. It has a focus on off-road capacity that almost rivals a Jeep or other off-road focused alternative in Carbondale. They have a pretty decent towing capacity, though the numbers they're rated for are seldom actually sustained for prolonged periods of time. The Tacoma trucks also have decent safety technology, with a battery of sensors and digital systems for parking assistance, lane changing and keeping assistance, driver alert notifications, and much more.


  • Solid safety package
  • Decent towing and hauling capacity
  • Passable interior and passenger leg room


  • Safety package is pretty good, but it's not as accurate nor quite as top-of-the-line as the GMC Canyon
  • Toyota's experience in pickup design, while not lacking, pales in comparison to GMC's many, many decades of design and refinement
  • Less options for mobile integration, entertainment and other creature comforts


The Ford Ranger recently returned to the American truck market. The new Ranger lineup offers several perks for drivers that want to occasionally haul smaller items throughout the Scranton area. The Ranger pickup offers less customization options than the Toyota truck or GMC Canyon; however, the Ford truck offers the most updated design of all three pickups.


  • Nice-sized truck bed for hauling small loads
  • Tow up to 7,500 lbs.
  • Three trim levels to personalize your pickup


  • Only two body configurations to customize your ride
  • One powertrain option, unlike the GMC Canyon
  • Less legroom than the GMC truck


Now we come to our feature presentation. You've seen what the competition has to offer, and we're sportsmanlike enough to admit they've got a pretty solid offering. That doesn't mean they come close to matching the GMC Canyon in Pittston, though. The GMC Canyon offers excellent gas mileage at 20/30mpg city/hwy, edging out the Toyota truck and just behind the Ford truck. With a whopping 7,700 lb. towing capacity - compared to the Tacoma's 6,800 lbs. and the Ranger's 7,500 lbs.), 308 horsepower engine, and an unparalleled payload capacity of up to 1,599 lbs., this is the most powerful pick up of its class. The Tacoma tries, and it comes close, but it just can't match this unfettered power.

Where the Ranger's interior is pretty decent, the Canyon's is downright luxurious, with soft-touch instrument panels, heated driver and front passenger seats (heated wheel too), and a modern, sleek accented environment that looks like it belongs in a luxury sedan, you'll never see a pickup with a classier, more comfortable cabin anywhere. With a dash display offering full mobile integration, and the latest and greatest in sensors and driver safety features, this is also the safest, smartest pickup on the market as well, feeling like it arrived from some time in the future. It actually kind of did, in a way!


  • Latest, state-of-the-art technology packages
  • Best towing and payload capacity in its class
  • Luxurious interiors and creature comforts
  • Beautiful overall design that declares power, elegance and quality
  • Unbeatable safety, engine power, and gas mileage
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